Born Free Foundation

The Born Free Foundation has been a supporter of Sea Sense since the very beginning in Mafia Island. Their commitment to endangered species conservation in the wild is world renowned. The Born Free Foundation provides much needed support for the day to day running of the Sea Sense office in Dar es Salaam where all projects are planned and coordinated from. 

BG Group

BG Group is supporting Sea Sense to address large knowledge gaps in relation to the distribution and abundance of marine turtles in Lindi Region and their temporal use of coastal and marine habitats. Due to the proximity of Lindi Region to the Rufiji Delta – Mafia Island Seascape which has been recognised as a ‘Site of Regional Importance to Marine Turtles’, it is essential to gather information on the status of marine turtles in Lindi Region and improve understanding of the level of ecological connectivity between the two areas. 


The Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) is funding a three year dugong research and conservation project spanning four countries in the region: Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Seychelles. Sea Sense is the Project Coordinator for Tanzania. The project team is investigating the conservation status of dugongs across the region in relation to identified threat issues and developing a series of appropriate management strategies for implementation at regional and national levels. 


Nestling within the Shungi Mbili Island Marine Reserve on the west coast of Mafia Island, Thanda Island is leased by Thanda Tanzania Limited. The Thanda team is deeply committed to conservation and is partnering with Sea Sense to conserve and protect the rich marine ecosystem in and around Mafia Island. Thanda is supporting our sea turtle, dugong and whale shark conservation work, together with our education and outreach programme so that we can continue to engage local people in conservation and promote sustainable coastal livelihoods. 

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

ISSF continues to support a Conservation Officer network to protect nesting turtles in Temeke District and funds our efforts to reduce threats to turtles from bycatch.  Sea Sense is working with community fisheries managers and we are providing training on simple techniques to release entangled turtles from nets.  ISSF is also supporting Sea Sense to conduct awareness and sensitization activities at migrant fisher camps to address the high level of turtle meat consumption at the camps. 


AMI (Assistência Médica Internacional) is an innovative humanitarian organization based in Portugal that aims to fight poverty, social exclusion, underdevelopment, hunger and the consequences of war, anywhere in the world. AMI is supporting Sea Sense to carry out a waste management project in Mafia and Rufiji where solid waste pollution poses a risk to human health and is degrading the very ecosystems that fishing communities rely on for income and food security. 

British Chelonia Group

The British Chelonia Group raises funds from members and from the public to finance chelonia rescue, research and conservation projects worldwide. BCG is providing support for Sea Sense Conservation Officers to monitor and protect sea turtle nests and raise awareness in their communities about the impact of sea turtle bycatch and trade in turtle meat.