Tanzania is a signatory state to the Indian Ocean and South-East Asian Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding, developed under the auspices of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS). The IOSEA MoU is an intergovernmental agreement that aims to protect, conserve, replenish and recover marine turtles and their habitats of the Indian Ocean and South-East Asian region, working in partnership with a range of organisations.

The objectives of the agreement are achieved through the collective implementation of an associated Conservation and Management Plan. As a signatory state, Tanzania is committed to implementing the activities outlined in the Plan and Sea Sense is a lead implementer on behalf of the Government of Tanzania.


The Convention on Migratory Species lists the dugong (Dugong dugon) in its Appendix II, meaning that the conservation of the species would benefit from international cooperative activities organized across the Dugong's migratory range. The Memorandum of Understanding on the Conservation and Management of Dugongs and their Habitats entered into force in 2007 and Tanzania is a signatory state.

The MoU is designed to facilitate national level and transboundary actions that will lead to the conservation of dugong populations and their habitats. A dugong Conservation and Management Plan provides the basis for focused species and habitat-specific activities, coordinated across the dugong’s migratory range. Similar to the IOSEA marine turtle MoU, Sea Sense is a lead implementer of the activities set out in the dugong Conservation and Management Plan.

Conservation and Management Plans

Conservation and Management Plans (CMPs) are appended to both the MoU’s, which guide conservation activities across member states. In 2010, the Tanzania Turtle and Dugong Conservation Committee (TTDCC) was established to ensure a coordinated approach to the implementation of the CMPs within Tanzania and to fulfil Tanzania’s commitment to both MoU’s. The scope of work of TTDCC includes:

1. Formulating National Marine Turtle and Dugong Action Plans, based on the CMPs of the Marine Turtle and Dugong MoU’s.

2. Developing strategies for the implementation of National Marine Turtle and Dugong Action Plans.

3. Fund raising to support marine turtle and dugong conservation initiatives.

4. Enhancing national cooperation with regard to marine turtle and dugong conservation.

5. Raising public awareness of the Marine Turtle and Dugong MoU's, and National Marine Turtle and Dugong Action Plans to the Tanzanian public.

6. Acting in an advisory capacity to decision-makers within the United Republic of Tanzania on key actions necessary to establish a favourable conservation status for marine turtles and dugongs.

7. Enhancing regional and international cooperation with regard to marine turtle and dugong conservation by facilitating exchange of information.

Did you know?

Sea turtles are ancient marine reptiles and appeared on the earth even before dinosaurs!


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